NEW IBERIA, LA – Three months ago, the Mahmoud family were fleeing for their lives from the war-torn streets of Syria. Now, they find themselves living the high life in New Iberia. And after being one of the first of the predicted eight million refugees to settle in Southern Louisiana (according to various reputable sources), they say that they finally feel fully integrated into local life after all receiving a fresh New Iberia haircut.

Speaking from their upscale New Iberia penthouse (pictured above), man of the household Marwan Mahmoud said he’s delighted to be finally part of the community.

“I am very happy”, he said, “We get a few bad looks from people who don’t like us I think, but we meet local who very nice man. He tell us “Marwan, you go get New Iberia haircut and people will accept you into society”, so that is what I do. Now life is very good.”

That “nice man” was New Iberia local Shane Hilson, who claimed that he was happy to help out the refugee family.

“I knew that it would be difficult for them to integrate”, he said, “But damn, it was going to be ten times as hard with hairstyles like that. I sent them straight to the local barbers to get that New Iberia haircut and things seem to be going well for them now. I’m happy for them.”


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