LAFAYETTE, LA – Despite only being in town for 12 hours, Ohio couple John and Wendy Peterson are already looking forward to diving head-first into Festival International and taking in everything it has to offer.

Reports suggest that John was up until around 1am, sat at the desk of their $69 per night Travelodge room, putting together their plan of attack for the next three days that he WILL ensure that they stick to regimentally.

Food is allegedly high on the list of the Peterson’s priorities, with John eager to try out one of those delicious-looking “crayfish bread ball things”, as well as “a couple of those nice looking sub sandwiches that everyone around here eats”.

Wendy seems to have more of a sweet tooth, however, with a craving to sample some “beeg-nets with powdered sugar all over them”.

As far as music goes, they both claims to be huge appreciators of a range of musical genres, and want to see as many “zid-eco” acts as possible to really immerse themselves in the local “Cray-olay” culture of Southern Louisiana.

The Petersons will be in town until Sunday.


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