BATON ROUGE, LA – It’s only been 24-hours since Governor John Bel Edwards installed his brand-spanking new, top of the line chicken coop, but already his backyard egg factory has hit turmoil.

Reports suggest that the Governor emerged to see how his army of chickens were settling in after their first night in what is being dubbed as “the Four Seasons of chicken coops”, only to find that a protest was already underway in which the fowl were fighting to raise the minimum wage.

An 8ft banner reading ‘Fight For $15’ had been erected on the outside of the structure, and the chickens themselves were holding signs that echoed their sentiments.

“I can’t believe this, I just want some eggs…”, he was reported to have muttered under his breath, “They haven’t even been here a full day. I can’t deal with this. Donna?! Donna! Yeah, bad news, the omelettes are going to have to wait…”

One of the protesters, known only as Larry, explained why he was picketing.

“Edwards drags us in here and expects us to lay eggs for him for a measly seven and a quarter? That’s not even enough to pay rent on this megalopolis of a coop, let alone pay for my kids¬†schooling. It’s ridiculous! We’re not going lay anything for him until we get the pay that we deserve. His damn breakfast is just going to have to wait, isn’t it?.”

Negotiations are understood to have tentatively begun on reconciling the situation.


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