LAFAYETTE, LA – Rumors of a Lafayette-based Harry Potter spin-off intensified yesterday as location scouts were spotted around town armed with clipboards and cameras, whilst looking intensely at various landmarks that could very well feature.

World-renowned and highly-reputable news outlet Daily News 11 broke the news earlier in the week that a Harry Potter spin-off called ‘Quidditch Through the Ages‘ that is centered around The Quidditch World Cup would be filmed primarily in and around Lafayette area, due to their obvious expertise in hosting previous Quidditch World Cup’s and other large-scale sporting events such as hotdog eating contests.

A scout for the franchise, who wishes to only be known as Theodore, was sighted at Cajun Field. And although he wasn’t giving too much away, he did have a few words.

“I can’t say much”, he said, “But Cajun Field seems to have all the attributes to host a successful Quidditch event. Wink. Wink. It’s got great fans, top-quality facilities, and a first-class broomstick-repair workshop. Which we didn’t initially know about, but you live and you learn.”

Another scout was spotted at the downtown Rosa Parks Transportation Centre, allegedly taking notes on the length of the Amtrak station platform, and heard to be muttering “Hmm, yes, just enough space for the Hogwarts Express to arrive” as well as “And platform 1½ would look great over there…”.

Other rumored filming locations around town include:

  • UL’s Martin Hall – due to its badass-looking staircase and allegedly-moving paintings
  • South College Strip Mall, possibly to take on the role of the new Diagon Alley (FedEx store would replace all owls)
  • Acadiana Mall, as an alternative to The Forbidden Forest. (Harry and the gang to battle their way through unruly crowds and children throwing temper tantrums over not being allowed any Dippin Dots).

Stay tuned for more information and possible casting calls.


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