LOS ANGELES, CA – The Bourg Train just keeps on rollin’ as MacKenzie steamed on through to the final four of American Idol last night as he did the impossible, and one-up’d his previous performance.

Bourg, who made it this far with a stirring rendition of Horace Trahan’s ‘That Butt Thing, this time took it to a whole ‘nother level with an absolutely perfect cover of Rockin’ Sidney’s ‘My Toot Toot‘. He even paid a heart-felt tribute to the Louisiana zydeco legend by carving out an ‘RS’ into the side of his cheek for the performance, and despite the mild-to-somewhat-severe blood loss, absolutely nailed it.

“Obviously we’re expecting you to foot the bill in regards to cleaning up the blood”, said judge Harry Connick Jr., “But performance-wise that was good enough to make old Sidney rise from the grave and give you a big ol’ hug with his, I assume, fairly well-decomposed body.”

Jennifer Lopez also couldn’t get enough of him.

“Honestly I’d never really paid too much mind to zydeco before you came along”, she said, “I drove through Louisiana once. Definitely one of my lowest points of life. But you did the state proud, you did the genre proud, and, I’m not sure if they have television in Lafayette, but if they do then you did them proud too.”

“I keep expecting you to come out here and start reciting spells, Harry”, said judge Keith Urban, “But you keep surprising me with these musical performances. I wasn’t even aware that Hogwarts had a music department but evidently they’re teaching you well up there. Fantastic performance of a song I’ve never heard before and honestly never want to hear again. Really well done.”

Stay tuned to see how Mackenzie does in the next round!


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