BATON ROUGE, LA – Another week, and another state-wide study released – this time in the form happiness relating to the quality of math education standards in Louisiana, both from the teachers and the students points of view respectively.

Math education is seen as an education essential in Louisiana, along with learning how to make a roux and learning how to drive obnoxiously down major thoroughfares in each city. But how pleased are we with the standard of learning what was arguably the Egyptians greatest invention since cats and big 3-D triangles?

Ruth Vandenberg has been a math teacher at the Terry Bradshaw Middle School in Baton Rouge, and says that she believes that her early passion for math led her to where she is today, living the American Dream of being underpaid and overworked.

“Pretty much all of my life I wanted to be a math teacher”, Vandenberg said, “I remember my old math teachers had a great influence on me as a child. They were so diligent and thorough, and knew what they were talking about. I was 93% certain that I wanted to be a math teacher – but 9% of me wanted to be an astronaut.”

And she thinks that the ranking stats for math are false.

“Louisiana obviously ranks in like, the bottom five states for math results”, she said, “But I think that’s a lie. From what I see we’re one of the smartest. Definitely. 103%.”

We also hit the streets to see just how math-savvy the Louisiana public are. Here’s just a few of the Einstein’s of the state:

And it seems that even our current crop of students are happy with the current standards – with some even hoping to move into the field themselves.

“Ever since I saw that Russell Crowe movie ‘A Beautiful Mind‘ where he does all that weird mental math stuff, I knew I wanted to move into the field”, said student Thomas Weissman, “I want a math movie made about me. They can call it whatever. Maybe something like ‘Alge-bruhhh‘. Yeah, that would be awesome.”

Student Anna Oliver also had her say.

“The current standard of math education is fine and I’m not entirely sure where they’re getting all these figures from that show us to be so low down in the rankings”, she said, “They’re just numbers. They don’t mean anything. I mean, they do. In math. But not, like, anywhere else. Even though math is everywhere. But not in rankings. Oh man. Okay we’re done here.”


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