ORANGE, TX – It has been a turbulent week for both Louisiana residents and emergency service crews, after torrential rains have caused heavy and widespread flooding across the state.

A vast array of services have been disrupted because of this, none more so than the closure of the I-10 on the border of Louisiana and Texas – a huge inconvenience for commuters who have had to dust off their old 1980’s map books to find alternative routes between each state.

But local authorities say that there’s a silver lining to all of this – there has been ZERO wrecks on the flooded stretch of I-10 since it occurred.

Police Chief Mike Elmore explains that it’s been a welcome break.

“Obviously the flooding and the closure of the I-10 at the border has made travel a bit of a nightmare”, Elmore said, “But this is the first time that I can remember that we’ve gone three days without a wreck. That is huge. We have one of those ‘Days Since A Wreck On The I-10’ signs in the office where you switch the numbers out. And I’ll tell you what, we had to dust off the numbers two and three. We’d never used them in decades.”

And Elmore said that they may keep the waters topped up on the stretch of highway.

“There’s clearly some sort of correlation between six feet of flood waters and zero wrecks”, he said, “So we’re just going to keep on filling her up. We have the fire services out there on rotation making sure it stays at a steady six feet, and by the grace of God we hope that the lack of wrecks continues. It’s a great feeling.”


  1. This is ridiculous, your going to keep it flooded causing more damage than you realize and more money! I grew up in South Louisiana and flooding was not something to praise. We lost homes, businesses, and people. The city is going to have to repair, if not totally repair the welcoming center. Wrecks are enable, you cannot flood the streets to prevent them, they are going to happen. This is by far the most ignorant thing I have heard all week, and this is coming from someone we let protect us!! GOD HELP US!!!

  2. Elmore is an idiot.. I live a few miles from there. It’s. Terrible to know this is going on right down the road. The inconvience is not worth it.

  3. “there has been ZERO wrecks on the flooded stretch of I-10 since it occurred.”
    IMAGINE THAT! no cars no wrecks… OMFG! theory of relativity watch out!!

  4. @Megan Yes, and Abraham Lincoln just posted on FB about his running for President. Maybe you should read the whole page, like down at the bottom where it says SATIRE? LOL


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