LAFAYETTE, LA – There was a buzz about town yesterday as the news that Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead, was actually walking, breathing, and partaking in other standard bodily functions WITHIN Lafayette city limits.

Reedus, who is currently enjoying time-off before returning to filming for season 7 of AMC’s hit zombie drama, was spotted in the area and was happy to take photos with local stalkers. But why was he here, in this quaint little corner of America?

We managed to track him down this morning – by blockading the I-10 East on-ramp – and got the low-down.

“Everyone thinks that I was in town to do some pieces for a bike show”, he said, “Honestly I just said that to get people off of my back. It was the first thing that came to mind, and it was pretty impressive to be fair. I’m surprised by how easily they ate that one up – I was quite proud! But no, I was actually in Lafayette as a one-man scouting team.”

He said that producers had sent him on a cross-country mission to find the best locations for future episodes.

“Funding for the show has decreased over the past year or so”, he confirmed, “So we have less of a budget to ‘create’ sets, and now we need to find more move-in ready places. So yeah, I’m out here hunting for ready-made filming locations with a post-apocalyptic vibe. And man, parts of Northside Lafayette met all of the criteria. You guys have some spots here that are perfect! It’s like you’d been saving them just for us. I almost felt myself switch into Daryl Dixon mode a few times, and that’s exactly what you want.”

However he refused to confirm whether or not it would be the production team’s final choice.

“I have a few more places to visit yet. Monroe is on the list – I heard good things about that place in terms of a barren landscape – and I might swing by New Orleans since it’s St. Patty’s Day. But we’ll see. I’ll let you guys know.”


  1. Thurmond WV would be perfect for filming it’s a ghost town with maybe five family’s there is a bank and buildings that have been vacant for probably 50 years an old empty hotel privacy like nowhere else so many trails and the new river it has so much history It would be perfect Please!! I always go there to clear my head and hike trails

  2. Ok, funding has decreased for the biggest show AMC ever aired? I am having a hard time believing this. I am feeling misdirection here.

  3. I always thought it would be cool if they did it down in fort Jackson 🙂 it’s old and kind creepy woth lots of space if it worked for a war it would work for the zombie apocalypse right???

  4. Norman…please!! It’s not, never has been and never will be St PATTYS Day……it is and always will be ST PATRICKS DAY or PADDYS DAY. ???


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