BATON ROUGE, LA – Lawmakers from all corners of the state returned to the Capitol yesterday, to resume discussions in the regular legislative session, with the intention of drawing up plans on how to return Louisiana to a financially healthy position this fiscal year.

The congregation comes after weeks of intense dialogue and effort in closing a huge hole in the budget – and after somewhat successfully accomplishing that, lawmakers took a deserved long-weekend break by absolutely smashing it up on a four-day party-hard session at Holly Beach.

The boys, which included the likes of John Bel Edwards, Jay Dardenne, Eric Lafleur and Roger Villere, let off some steam on the high-class Gulf beach area by getting turnt way into the night with Moët & Chandon on tap. And the party didn’t stop there, as they also rented a private yacht to continue the banter on the high seas.

Local resident Marcos Byrne, who was out walking his nutria rat on the Saturday night, remarked that it looked like the squad were having a blast.

“Man my partying days are over but I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted to be out there”, he said, “They had champagne, beer, liquor, they had some DJ who was spinning the tunes, they had the boat – it looked amazing. I could have sworn that I saw Edwards do a shot of tequila through his eye. Villere also went into full-blown madman-mode and jumped off the side of the boat into the sea – everyone went crazy for him.”

The DJ in question is believed to be deadmau5, who is an alleged favorite of Edwards and was supposedly requested to play by the governor himself.

But the fun didn’t stop there – the gang then took to the beach on the Sunday morning for an easier-going time, which was captured on Snapchat that shows Dardenne in fetching pink Bermuda’s with a “what the hell happened last night?” expression smeared across his face.

The fun, however, came to an end on Monday morning as the group returned to Baton Rouge, bleary-eyed and a little rough, ready to take on the financial challenges that lay ahead.


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