LOS ANGELES, CA – Local pride was in full-effect last night, as Lafayette native MacKenzie Bourg made it through to the final six contestants of American Idol with a stirring and on-point rendition of Horace Trahan’s ‘That Butt Thing‘, along with accompanying ass-shaking dance moves.

MacKenzie, widely dubbed as the next Harry Potter, received rapturous applause from the audience, and wide praise from the judges for his performance.

“One of the best performances we’ve seen on here in recent years, without a doubt”, commented judge Keith Urban, “And what a song to choose, a true classic. And the fact that you decided to twerk along to it just completed the whole thing. I loved it.”

Jennifer Lopez also heaped praise on the singer.

“That performance belonged in a museum”, she commented, “Horace Trahan is my favorite, so I may be a little biased — but that was amazing, I could feel myself tearing up. That rendition alone needs it’s own DVD release.”

And Harry Connick Jr. said that it was a “defining moment in music history”.

“When my grandkids and their kids look back in 50 to 100 years at the history of music, I truly believe that they’ll pinpoint this moment in time as a defining moment.”, he said, “This right here? This makes The Beatles breakthrough look like karaoke. This, in my opinion, has re-written the books as we know it. I’m speechless.”

Stay tuned to see how Mackenzie does in the next round!


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