PECAN ISLAND, LA – It was confirmed today that large-scale TV production is returning to the state, as a reboot of the hit television series Lost was announced.

Producers also confirmed that the original cast would be re-appearing, and that the plot will revolve around them being trapped on Pecan Island, in another mind-bending series that will see them trying to work out why they are there, and how to escape.

Storyline writer Pat Sanchez said that the cast and crew are just as excited for this reboot as they were for the original.

“Let me tell you, this is going to be one hell of a series”, he said, “I can’t give away too much information but I can tell you that it’s going to revolve around Pecan Island. You thought The Island and Hydra Island were messed up? Wait until you check out Pecan Island.”

Sanchez also gave a few little tid-bits away as to what we can expect to see in terms of reoccurring themes, and how they will be adapted to Pecan Island. He confirmed the following:

  • The smoke monster will return in the form of a local who vapes too much
  • There will be no polar bears, however there will be cows
  • There will be a button that needs to be pressed every 108 minutes that prevents the area from flooding
  • There will be a ‘guardian of the island’ with the character name Troy Thibodaux
  • The Dharma Initiative will be back in the form of ‘The Farmer Initiative’
  • Jack will most definitely not feel the need to “go back” this time

Filming is expected to start in early 2017.


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