SILICON VALLEY, CA – There was excitements in the local social media world today as Facebook announced plans to release three new ‘like’ icons, exclusively for local Louisiana news outlet pages.

‘Thoughts’, ‘Prayers’, and a combined ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ like-icon are to be rolled-out sometime soon, making it easier than ever before for middle-aged, stay-at-home moms and borderline-computer-literate grandparents to send their T’s & P’s to people they’ve never met before.

Facebook spokesperson Susie Davis said that the company has had this planned for a while now.

“We did the research, and over 300,000 individual thoughts, prayers, and a combination of the two get sent in Louisiana every single day”, she said, “95% of them originate from local news outlet Facebook pages in the area. So it seemed like a no-brainer to implement this new feature into these Facebook pages, and allow the Louisiana users to send their T’s and P’s with a single click of a button instead of having to type them out every time. This is going to make it way easier.”

Rhonda Adair, New Iberia resident and locally-renowned thoughts and prayers-sender, couldn’t hide her delight at the news.

“This is going to be a game changer to me”, she confessed, “A lot of these articles I can’t bring myself to ‘like’ per se, so I make sure I send my thoughts and my prayers to those concerned. But by being able to simply click one button, I’m not only going to save time, but cover a lot more ground in terms of articles. Hitting my daily goal of 500 T’s and P’s should be a piece of cake now. I’m looking forward to the next house-fire or 5-car pile-up article so I can test it out.”

Facebook confirmed that they expect the new changes to take place in the next couple of months.


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