LAFAYETTE, LA – Law enforcement hero Sgt. Higgins is well known both locally and nationally as a straight-shooter. A no-frills dude. A guy who would make you consider changing your name to Brendan Dassey for confessing to crimes that you never even committed.

But after local news outlet KATC posted a video of Higgins and his motley crew calling out the notorious Gremlin Gang for numerous crimes and encouraging to turn themselves in, there are one or two out there who claims that he has it all wrong.

Gizmo, ex-Gremlin Gang member, is one of them – and he makes claims that could turn the video on its head.

“I saw the video and honestly I had to laugh”, he said, “Higgins is wrong. So wrong. The Gremlin Gang hasn’t been in operation since the late 90’s, so I’m not sure who he’s referring to in the video. I think he and his Independence Day-looking buddies need to go back to the drawing board on this one.”

And Gizmo also confirmed that he still stays in contact with some of his ex-gang cronies, but insists that none of them are active.

“A lot of the guys died, and a lot of them are incarcerated. I know that for sure.”, he said, “But there’s a few out there who have turned their lives around and made an honest, decent living – me being one of them. I’m an insurance agent now, and I’m moderately successful. I love my job, I love my life, and I wouldn’t go back to the old ways for all the money in the world. I know that Stripe went into real estate, and I think Brain Gremlin installs pool’s and jacuzzi’s up in Cincinnati. Jazzy Gremlin had a musical stint in New Orleans but he dropped off of the radar.”

He also had some final words for Sgt. Higgins.

“Back off, and find the real criminals”, he said, “I forgive you just like I forgave Billy and Pete all those years ago for spilling water over me and causing all that mess. But leave us alone, you’re looking in all the wrong places. The Gremlin Gang is no more.”


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