LAFAYETTE, LA – We can all agree that the introduction of Uber in Lafayette has been a pretty solid game-changer for most of the city. Introduced just over a year ago, it is consistently used and has been regarded as one of the most important additions to the area since Agave opened their eighth location.

Uber is great. It offers cheap fares, vomit stain-free cars, and a pleasant ride from start to finish. It’s everything you want when you’re going downtown and still want to have enough money left over to be able to get completely blitzed.

But alas, not everyone is delighted. The success of Uber has been the reason behind a staggering 50% decrease in classic yellow cabs in the area – the total number halving from 2 to 1 since January 2015.

Ex-cab driver John Jones Jr. explains the impact that it had on him.

“I remember the days before Uber”, Jones Jr. said, “Back in 2010 when we had a full fleet of 4 cars, working the city, and you were able to charge $70 for a 2-mile ride. When you’d have to call for a cab three-days in advance. It ain’t like that no more. The charm is gone. You don’t need to re-structure your mortgage to ride a cab anymore. It’s a damn shame what Uber has done in my opinion.”

And Jones Jr. doesn’t see the situation improving anytime in the near future.

“Things are bad. Real bad.”, he said, “I can’t see the final cab being around much longer. I’m going to cherish the moment every time I see it drive by. I had lots of happy memories swindling customers out of their hard-earned cash, y’know, but all good things must come to and end. Shame.”



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