ST. MARTINVILLE, LA – The 2016 Grammy’s were in full swing once again last night, as an array of stars were on show to pick up their semi-meaningless paperweights – known to the author and reader as ‘awards’.

But whilst the glitz, glamour and after-party cocaine antics took place in Los Angeles, there was one musician who was renewing his grudge towards the award ceremony some 2,000 miles away.

Self-proclaimed “zydeco hero and legend” (within the St. Martinville city limits) Little Petit Chico is used to being snubbed for recognition from the event – every year since he started as a musician, to be precise – and each year he publicly makes his feelings felt through Twitter. Last night was no exception.

“I’ve been a musician for six years now, and for each of those six years I didn’t even get no call from The Grammy’s or nothin'”, Chico said, “I sit there and watch it on TV with my family and my momma always ask “Chico, why you not there on stage playin’ your music?” and each year I’m like momma, I don’t even know. It ain’t fair, I’m good enough.”

Chico also explained that, with so many categories on offer at The Grammys, he expected to be at least nominated for one.

“They got categories for everythin’ nowadays,” he explained, “Y’know it woulda been nice to be nominated for Best Artist or somethin’ but I’ll take anythin’ – ‘Best Male Zydeco Artist In Acadiana’, ‘Best Lookin’ Zydeco Artist’, ‘Hardest Workin’ Zydeco Hustler’ I ain’t picky. I deserve somethin’ for my efforts. I played to 34 people at the rotary club just last week, the place was poppin’.”

However Chico remains confident that next year is his year.

“Im’a keep doin’ what I do, and I know I’ll be on stage next year playin’ for those people”, he said, “2016 is the year of Little Petit Chico, yea’. Hey you want to buy a mixtape?”


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