BATON ROUGE, LA – Zoinks! There was outcry – yet a certain amount of “oh that makes sense” – at the Donald Trump rally in Baton Rouge last night, as the famed crime-solving gang revealed Trump to actually be famed ex-KKK and super right-wing fruitcake David Duke.

The group were accompanying their pal Shaggy in a ‘Make Marijuana Legal’ protest at the event, when the boss-man Fred said something “just felt a little off”.

“Me and the guys just had a hunch”, he said, “So we sneaked off backstage. Scoob morphed his tail into the shape of a key and we managed to pick-lock our way into the dressing room, where we found all kinds of creepy stuff. Masks, wigs, voice-morphing equipment, and a copy of Trump’s book ‘The Art Of The Deal’. We knew something strange was going on.”

He then said that the deal-sealer was the discovery of Duke’s Costco membership card in a drawer.

“When we found that, it all just clicked”, he said, “We all did that little gag where we run on the spot for a few seconds, then burst our way onto the stage for the big reveal. Personally speaking that’s my favorite part because it makes me feel like a bad-ass. It was so fulfilling when we pulled that mask off. This one definitely ranks up there in terms of satisfaction, right there alongside the Headless Specter and Redbeard’s Ghost.”

Duke, famed for once being a Grand Wizard of the KKK yet still having the audacity to run for Louisiana Governor in the early 90’s, had a few words when questioned as to why he would do this.

“If there’s one thing worse than being an asshole, it’s being a washed-up asshole!”, he said, “I just want to stay relevant! I’ve always been a jerk but Trump’s been taking all the limelight recently, so what better way to get that attention than pretend to be him, right?! I was lapping it up, it felt so good. And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!”

A spokesman for the real Donald Trump confirmed that he was actually in Las Vegas last night, and claimed that “Honestly, we don’t even know where Baton Rouge is”.


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