BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana’s laughable budget crisis was deepened even further this morning, as an unpaid Netflix bill registered to the governors mansion in the name of Bobby Jindal was discovered down the back of a sofa in the living room.

Current governor John Bel Edwards held an emergency press conference to explain the worsening financial troubles within the state.

“I can confirm that this morning, as I was looking for my car keys behind the sofa, I discovered what seems to be an unpaid Netflix bill of approximately $10 that was for an account registered to Bobby Jindal”, Edwards explained, “Obviously this adds to the state deficit and only worsens our current predicament. This bill needs to be resolved, along with all of our other current debt, by June 30.”

Edwards further explained the implications that would arise if the deadline was not met.

“Well it’s not going to be good”, he said, “The mansion will be back to having three our four basic TV channels. It’ll pretty much put us back into the 1980’s. The wife is now having to binge-watch Breaking Bad and Forensic Files at an immense pace because of the fear of the account being cut-off any second. We’ve tried to get the account changed from Bobby’s name to mine, but it’s going to take some time.”

However Governor Edwards refused to be drawn into speculation on Jindal’s favorite movies on the streaming service.

“I don’t want to comment on that. I know that there’s rumors out there that he watched Mean Girls 294 times, but I don’t want to say anything about that.”


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