LAFAYETTE, LA – The tension could have been cut with a knife at the KACA studios in Lafayette this morning, as a highly-strung game of rock paper scissors took place to determine which reporter would be sent to Kaplan to cover their Mardi Gras parade.

Local reporters Paul Spicer, Kendrick Rodriguez, Eleanor Barefoot and Ruth Peterson were the lucky four to battle it out in the grueling game of wits. The games were best-out-of-three, and the first round saw Kendrick beat Paul comprehensively with a 3-0 demolition job.

Eleanor and Ruth went head-to-head in the first round, and this time it was a tighter affair that saw Ruth edge our Eleanor 2 to 1.

This meant that the final saw Paul and Eleanor battle it out, with the loser winning that all-expenses paid trip to beautiful Vermilion Parish. Paul started the game with a scissors-over-paper win, putting him in firm control. However in the greatest comeback since Lazarus, Eleanor then caught Paul with a paper-over-rock, followed by a swift scissors-over-paper.

Paul was reported to have fallen to his knees in an emotional mess.

“I’m absolutely devastated”, Paul said, “I know someone has to lose, but it’s a hard pill to swallow. These other three are going to be covering half-decent parades in and around Acadiana and the like, and I’m going to be down there in the middle of a field covering a glorified hayride with a few bits of colored fabric glued onto the sides of the cart. And I’m not even being paid extra for this. Just regular pay. It’s unbelievable.”

Eleanor was a little more relieved to have avoided the ‘first-place prize’.

“For a moment I thought I was going to have to start packing my waders and mossy oak jacket”, she said, “But that was a truly special comeback. I’m so relieved to have won, and now I get to go and cover the Crowley parade. Which, admittedly isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely a step-up from where poor Paul is heading.”


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