NEW ORLEANS, LA – Forever the optimists, results released today show that 42% of Saints fans are still believe that they have a mathematical chance of reaching this year’s Superbowl, and a further 17% think that they can go all the way and win it.

Rory Jowekitz, Statistical Expert at INF Market Research, commented that he was a little surprised at the positivity of Saints fans included in the study, but said that overall they were the type of results that he expected to see.

“Everyone knows that Saints fans are regularly let down like a redheaded guy on date night, but one has to commend their optimism until the very end” Jowekitz said, “It’s commendable. They’re one of the strongest yet most regularly let down fan-bases in the country.”

To put the results to the test, we asked a few local fans if they thought the Saints could still lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Colin Fenstermann – Metairie, LA

“Hell yes we do! I did the math. All of it. I have all the equations and stuff written down on my Saints-themed dry-erase board. We still have like a 0.72% chance of making it – I know because I did the math. Gotta keep believin’!”

Aaron Lee – Baton Rouge, LA

“Yeah bruh, I think so. I mean Broncos got 32 points or something which left us with a, like, 2% chance of going to, uhn, then you carry the 0.4 over and, uhm, add the six and, eighteen… five… Redksins… yeah we can still make it bruh.”

Thomas McMillan – New Orleans, LA

“I NEVER doubt my boys, no matter what! SUPER BOWL 2016 BABY WHO DAT!”


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