LAFAYETTE, LA – Area kid and locally-known brat Tyler LaGrange ruffled some serious feathers this morning, after admitting that he has “no regrets” over holding a sign claiming that it was his birthday – despite the fact that he doesn’t turn 12 until AUGUST.

Tyler, who held the sign reading ‘It’s my birthday – throw me something good’ at last nights Rio Parade, allegedly gathered some of the best Mardi Gras booty going because of the move – but he says he’s not concerned.

“It doesn’t phase me”, he admitted, “I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. In fact I’ll probably do it all over again at the next parade. When you’re throwing beads in the heat of the moment, nobody knows whether it’s really your birthday or not. They’re not gonna ask to see your I.D. So you make the most of it. I’m just an opportunist.”

He says that he managed to gather some top-of-the-line Mardi Gras items, and overall was pleased with the haul.

“I managed to get some pretty kick-ass beads and merch this year”, he said, “Got me couple dumb-looking plush bears, a soft football, couple of Clay Higgins beads, some spinning disk things, and a few 94.5 KSMB plastic cups which say ‘Mardi Gras 2012’ on them, but it’s all good. It’s definitely in my top five hauls.”

You can most likely catch Tyler being a selfish little punk-ass again at the Friday Night Parade on February 5th.


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