LAFAYETTE, LA – Tonight’s Krewe of Carnivale en Rio promises to be as big, bright, and as lively as ever – however this year there’s going to be some additions that organizers say are excited to bring to the table.

There has been criticism of the parade in recent years, with certain areas of the public claiming that the parade “doesn’t show the complete picture of what Rio de Janeiro has to offer”, but parade organizer Kenneth Ducan says that they have taken that criticism on board, and promise to take the parade to the next level.

“We listened to the issues certain people had, and they were right. Completely right”, Ducan admitted, “Our previous parades have been a very one-sided reflection. Too much glitz, glamour and bright lights. So this year we’ve pulled out all the stops, and we’re going to have a number of floats complete with authentic shanty shacks that have been shipped directly from the favela’s of Rio.”

And he confirmed that the authenticity didn’t end there.

“We’ve also got a hold of approximately 200 residents of the favela’s, a lot of them homeless, a lot of them just poor, and they will be riding the floats too” he said, “We just want authenticity, y’know? If there was a New Iberia-themed parade, you’d want and expect to see New Iberia haircuts on everyone, right? We just want people to watch it and say “Yep. That’s Rio.” We’re very excited.”

The Rio Parade starts at 6:30pm this evening.


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