LAPLACE, LA – Local man Eric Fletcher had a sudden moment of realization early this morning, as he suddenly noticed just how many fleur-de-lis’ were hidden in plain sight within the decor and furnishings of his parents home.

Eric, 29, who grew up in the house, said it all started at the breakfast table.

“I was just sat eating my oatmeal, when I noticed the first one engrained into the cutlery draw handle”, he said, “Then it just kind of snowballed from there. I noticed another little one on the magnetic shopping list notepad. Then a small pattern of them in the rug. Then I looked down and saw a few in the design of the chair. It got out of hand real quick.”

And he was the first to admit that he was a little freaked out by it all.

“This is so weird”, he said, “They’re everywhere. Like, I can’t un-see them. I spent 14 years of my childhood in this house and only really noticed the obvious ones, like the foot-tall cast iron ones on the hallway walls. But man, when you really look closely, there’s no escaping them. It’s like one of those hidden object games.”

Eric’s parents were on a fishing trip in Pecan Island and were unavailable for comment.



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