NEW ORLEANS, LA – New Orleans Police Department issued a warning to the public today, reminding them that leaving valuable items such as king cake on display in your vehicle is quite simply asking for trouble.

The warning comes after a recent spate of car break-ins, and police are warning that king cake crime within The Crescent City and beyond is on an unprecedented rise.

“Imagine going to a city up North, for instance Chicago, and leaving a brick of crack on the back seat of your car in a neighborhood full of crack addicts”, explained Officer Justin Smith of the NOPD, “That’s exactly the issue here – only Chicago is New Orleans, and the crack is king cake. It’s a recipe for disaster. We’re urging people to make sure that their Mardi Gras foods are well hidden or kept in the trunk.”

He also reminded residents that certain king cakes have a higher street value than others.

“Haydel’s king cakes currently have an outrageously high street value, in comparison to the likes of Walmart king cakes. That’s not to say that Walmart king cakes are safe from theft, because let’s face it, everyone gets desperate now and then. But we urge people to just be aware that there are steal-to-order operations that happen within New Orleans. As long as they’re kept out of sight, you should be fine.”


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