ATLANTA, GA – It was another tough-fought battle at the 2016 National Clue Championships yesterday – but controversy struck as the Manitowoc County Sheriffs Department retained the title by beating the New Orleans Police Department under highly contentious circumstances.

The victory, which sees the Wisconsin-based crime-fighters win their 37th title in a row, was marred by suggestions from the NOLA P.D. that specific clue cards had been either swapped or planted by Manitowoc during the designated bathroom break.

“We feel like we’ve been completely screwed over” said Officer Brent Manning of the NOLA P.D., “Something definitely doesn’t sit right with us. None of us trusted that James Lenk guy from the moment he sat at the table. The clue cards in the center of the board definitely got moved, or in some way tampered with whilst we were taking a leak. They were the only ones there. We’re furious.”

But Manitowoc County representative Ken Kratz denied any wrong-doing, claiming that the cards had never been planted and that the end result was “fair and just”.

“To suggest that Manitowoc County ever had any intentions of unjustly or unfairly influencing the result of the game is simply absurd.” he commented, “These types of allegations tarnish the integrity of our officers. We feel that the result of the game is a fair and honest reflection on the way our officers played as a whole – they are good people who are simply excellent Clue players.”

But Officer Manning is’t convinced by the statement.

“Bullshit.” he said, “You can see right through that Kratz guy. He’s hiding something, they’re all in this together. It makes me sick. There should be a documentary made about this or something because this is a scandal, pure and simple.”


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