LAFAYETTE, LA – Ex-Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made his mark yesterday, by confronting and attacking Roman Reigns at last night’s WWE event at the Cajundome.
It was Jindal’s first full day of freedom since John Bel Edwards took his governors position on Monday, and he made sure that he restarted life as a peasant with a bang.

Reigns, who didn’t actually fight, but made an appearance to talk some smack towards current enemy Brock Lesnar, was interrupted by “Badass” Bobby – with his theme music of the Kid Rock classic ‘American Badass’ kicking into action.

“Oh my god! Jindal’s here! Jindal is here!” screamed Jerry Lawler, WWE announcer, as Jindal strided his way down the ramp with a swagger and a smile,”We heard rumors but by God we never thought they were true!”

“You’re in my backyard now, Reigns” exclaimed Jindal, “You think you can just walk your rear end in here and start shouting and cursing on the mic? This is God’s country son, we don’t take lightly to that type of behavior. Repent!”

Reigns responded by questioning “Who the hell he thought he was”, and went on to irritate Jindal by claiming that “He was a nobody now” and that “He wouldn’t have won presidency even if he was the only candidate running”

It was at this point that Jindal snapped, responding with “Oh yeah? Well how’s this for an executive order?!” and delivering a devastating knee-to-groin that saw Reigns collapse to the mat in pain.

Jindal circled the helpless Reigns, like a vulture waiting for a meal – before heading back down the ramp, swagger still in his step and a grin still planted on his face – whilst Reigns looked on in fury.

It’s yet to be seen where this storyline is headed. This one isn’t over.


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