GUEYDAN, LA – A local man has been left feeling baffled and frustrated since Christmas, after his creation turned out to be not as much as a sure-fire (no pun intended) success story as he’d hoped.

Jean-Baptiste Duddley, local businessman and innovator, thought he had finally found a way to cash in on the “Truck Nuts” fad that T-boys across the area are clamoring for, by creating a similar attachment for firearms – known as ‘Gun Nuttz’. With recent laws enacted by President Obama, Mr. Duddley was convinced his attachments would be high in demand. Unfortunately, the local hunting population and gun enthusiasts were not sold on the idea, calling it “uncomfortably sexual” and questioning some of the aspects of it.

“It seemed like a brilliant idea and I still think it is” said Duddley,”The added weight on the back helps add stability while giving you something to rest your cheek against. Deer hair covering them helps keep your face warm while hunting in the cold winters. I even offered to throw in the homemade cleaning and lubricating oil to keep it feeling smooth, but it just doesn’t seem to have taken off yet.”

But despite the slow start to the sales numbers, Mr. Duddley remains upbeat that local bullet-slingin’ enthusiasts will come around to the product.

“I’m not getting down about it, no way. Gotta keep on lookin’ forward. Hell, I’m even thinking about all the untapped markets that I can expand these onto. Imagine waiting at the airport to catch a flight and seeing planes take off with their own pair of Plane Nutz. Hell, I even have close ties to LSU, so I’m hoping I can put my Nuttz all over their products and campus buildings, maybe as a sponsor.”

However local gun enthusiast and editor of ‘Acadiana Guns Weekly’* Ken Wells, isn’t convinced.

“I’m not sold” Mr. Wells said. “I tried one and… I dunno man. Balls. Balls right up next to my cheek. I don’t want to lose my wife by going down that route again. I can’t see it taking off. He needs to re-think it all.”

Gun Nuttz are available direct from Mr. Duddley.

*Acadiana Guns Weekly content is related to firearms, not biceps.


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