BURNS, OR – Local gun-toting, camo-clad Cajuns today made the bold move to make the 2,500-mile journey to Oregon, in an effort to assist their ‘brothers-in-arms’ in the protest over the unfair punishment of ranchers who refused to sell their land.

However it has been revealed that the journey was cut short by some 2,450-miles – after some of the guys made some stark realizations.

“Well we was just about near Opelousas, all loaded up with the guns and ammo and the like, when my buddy Will who was riding shotgun turned to me and asked what the gumbo is like up there in Oregon” group member Donald B. Davis said, “And I turned to him with and I said Will, y’know what, I have no idea.”

Mr. Davis said that, upon further investigation, he was the one that made the shocking discovery.

“So I pulled on over to the side of the road and I checked that Wick-i-pedia and found out that gumbo ain’t big up there. Some guy from Oregon said that he didn’t even know who Tony Chachere was. And poo-ey that was that. I radioed everyone the news and we were back on them armchairs watchin’ The Price Is Right before 6pm.”

Mr. Davis said he’ll be reluctant to ever leave the state again and considered it a complete waste of time.

“I went get my cowboy hat dry-cleaned and everything. 20 years worth of stains came out of that hat. 20 years worth of memories. I ain’t never leavin’ Louisiana again.”


  1. What kinda Cajun can’t make a fantastic gumbo out of any kinda meat you find along the way? And ya’ll pass through dat Idaho anyway, stop and go dig up some of dim Idaho potatoes for the potato salad! Me, I put the potato salad in the same bowl right next to the rice and gumbo. Dat “big Brother” be coming for what you been protecting your family with pretty soon! Maybe its time we have us a little protest down here in Louisiana…..


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