NEW ORLEANS, LA – Drummer of 1970’s English rock band Foghat today confirmed that their 1975-hit ‘Slow Ride’, taken from their fifth studio album album Fool For The City, was never meant to be a ‘sexy song’, but was in fact about the traffic situation on Verot School Road.

Roger Earl, drummer for the band and one of the founding members, told of how the song came about during an interview with Rolling Stone.

“Everyone thinks that Slow Ride is this song that you can seduce the other half with over a bottle of cheap red and a microwavable ready-meal” he said “But honestly it’s not about that at all. Dave (Peverett) wrote the song in 15 minutes on the tour bus whilst we were taking a detour through Lafayette, Louisiana, on the way to New Orleans. We took a road called Verot School Road. Jesus Christ… we were on that 4-mile stretch for two days. I think Stevie Wonder came up with the blueprints¬†or something. Unbelievable. I can only assume it’s been widened or something by now, you’d have to be stupid not to do something about it.”


  1. Except for a couple of spots near major intersections Verot has not been widened. Any day now, though.

    And the ‘t’ is silent, damn it


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