LAFAYETTE, LA – Clive, the resident office mouse at The Daily Crawfish’s offices, spoke today of his amazement that the place was actually completely empty on Christmas Day, and was struggling to believe that some American workers had been given a full 24 hours to spend with their families.

“I… I really can’t believe it” he said in shock. “Like, I thought this was 2015. Nobody is supposed to get a day off. I mean, this isn’t Germany, or France, or one of those namby-pamby liberal European countries that actually look out for the workforces sanity and well-being. This is America, where the American Dream of working 70-hour weeks to pay for rent, bills and Sonic drinks is alive and well. It’s too quiet in here. It’s kind of weird. I don’t think I like it.”

Clive confirmed that he will be working Christmas Day as per usual, gathering up cookie crumbs left by untidy workers and avoiding that asshole cat Rodrigeaux that hangs about outside.

“Just another day on the grind for me” he said. “Gotta keep on keeping on.”


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