NEW IBERIA, LA – There is immense pride in the community of New Iberia today after a local resident Joni Breaux was awarded the Guinness World Record for Most Prayers Sent Over Facebook.

Joni, who spends a mininum of 18 hours a day frantically switching between local news outlets’ Facebook pages, looking for articles in which to send prayers on, today spoke of her overwhelming pride.

“It’s a huge honor for me” explained Mrs. Breaux, “I’m just glad to have sent so many prayers to people all over the world. Typing ‘sending prayers’ is free. I find it a huge comfort both to myself, and my wallet.”

Mrs. Breaux who, according to Guinness’ official count, has sent in excess of 1,298,000 prayers this year alone, says that she has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

“No way, I can’t stop now. It’s my life. In fact I sent 12 prayers on my cell phone whilst I was on stage collecting the award.” she explained “I’m even considering hiring one of those computer coding-people who can magic me up something to make my prayer-sending even easier and quicker.”

Mrs. Breaux’s award will be on display at the Bayou Teche Museum from January 2 – January 28. Guinness have confirmed that her prayer count will be re-evaulted this time next year.


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