LAFAYETTE LA- Local graduate and chemical engineer Cody Hodges today spoke of his disappointment in having to turn down his dream job, after realizing that he would have to take a left turn out of his apartment complex onto Johnston Street each morning, crossing over traffic moving in the opposite direction.

Hodges, who graduated from UL last year, was offered the $80,000 per year job after beating out 120 other applicants. But it wasn’t until he found out the location of his designated office that he had to turn the position.

“I’m distraught to tell you the truth” explained Hodges “It was my perfect job. It was great pay, amazing benefits, and everyone there seemed to be great people. But I would have had to turn left onto Johnston St at around 8am and somehow cross over cars driving the other way. Nobody’s getting past those snooty women in their SUV’s dropping their kids off at Fatima, you’re better off walking. I wouldn’t have been able to get there until at least 2pm. It was never an option. Just the way she goes I guess.”

Hodges plans to stay at his current job, waiting tables at the Ground Pat’i.



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