WASHINGTON, DC – It was confirmed this afternoon that the deadline for Obamacare enrollment was to be extended specifically for the state of Louisiana, as it was discovered that millions of residents were struggling to work out how to use the mouse on their computers.

Kevin Blumfeld, a spokesman for healthcare.gov, stated that Louisiana will have an extra 7 days to complete their online enrollment, and additionally would be deploying up to 30,000 tech-savvy employees who would be making the rounds across the state, helping residents learn how to put which finger where, and when to click.

“We want to help the people of Louisiana, and let them know that we’re here to help usher them into the 21st Century.” Mr. Blumfeld said. “We understand that holding a mouse can be a daunting task for those who still live in the stone-age, but it can be done. We’ll be sending 30,000 of our finest to the state to help overcome these huge hurdles. These employees have gone through extreme patience training, learning how to say “No, not there, click just there” repeatedly, and how to swiftly change the conversation topic away from blatant racism.”

The deadline is now 9pm on Christmas Eve.



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