CROWLEY, LA – Long-time Crowley resident John-Paul Comeaux, owner of newly-founded second-hand appliance store ‘Cajun Used Appliances’, today complained about the need to spend his “Hard-earned, all-American money” on something as worthless as a company logo, and is confident in acquiring one for minimal cost.
“Let me tell you right now, nobody in his right mind would spend more than a couple of bucks on something that ain’t gonna even make me money” Mr. Comeaux stated. “I went called up one of those fancy-ass agency-type places in the big ol’ city, and they were tryin’ to tell me that I’d be lookin’ to pay upwards of $1000 for a little ol’ picture of a tumble dryer and a Fleur de Lis. They’re out of their God-damn minds. Nobody pays attention to that shit anyway. This country’s going to hell in a hand-basket.”
Evidently annoyed at the situation, Mr. Comeaux did however mention that he will be acquiring some branding for his new company – with a little help from his grandson.
“Well I seen my grandson Chase using them fancy laptops and VDV players and Game Stations a lot so I figured he’d have the know-how to put me something together, and I could pay him in some old baseball cards, or couple Altoid mints, or something like that y’know? Figured it shouldn’t take him no longer than 20 minutes.”
Cajun Used Appliances opens for business in the new year.


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